Photography exhibition art and nature

Beaune-sur-Arzon (Haute-Loire)

Photographies taken by Raphael Odin on the theme of art and nature.

Work carried out in partnership with Horizon des Hauts de l’Arzon, an organisation for the protection of the environment.

Cécile Fauritte’s portraits, staged and photographed in the Suc du Barret forest, invite a reflection on the awareness of the human being in its environment.

An innovative artistic approach which offers the opportunity to rethink the  overpowered  human being’s behaviour on the nature and to imagine a more honourable relationship.

“This collaboration appeared to be an obvious choice! My portraits photographed in the heart of the forest resonate with a personal journey on the relationship between the human being and nature. This wild environment opens for me new areas of research and reflection. How, for instance, as an artist, may I look at the major environmental issues, invite everyone to rethink deeply about its impact on the nature and  reconsider its place in the Universe. I would even say its rightful place.”